Nested Virtualization

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Found that VMware VSphere allows nested virtualization. You can run VMware ESX as a virtual machine! Recursive VMs! Inception, what level is your virtual machine in?

Running VMware ESXi inside a virtual machine is a great way to experiment with different configurations and features without building out a whole lab full of hardware and storage. Virtualization enthusiasts everywhere have benefited from the ability to run ESXi on ESXi, first introduced with the vSphere 4 release.

VMware vSphere 5 makes it easier than ever to virtualize hypervisor hosts. With new capabilities to run nested 64-bit guests and take snapshots of virtual ESXi VMs, the sky is the limit for your cloud infrastructure development lab. Heck, you can even run Hyper-V on top of vSphere 5 — not that you’d want to.

Am going to try it. Vmotion is suppose to work too with the nested VMs!