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Passion for Science
I love science because it excites me. I love learning new things. Whether it is seeing which food molds the fastest or why coke blows up with Mentos, I am up for the challenge. It is just so fun to say “yes my hypothesis was right” or “cool, sure it wasn’t right, but I figured it out”. I think that it excites me because I am eager to see if I was right or wrong. The suspense keeps me going and pumped for whatever is going to happen next
I think science has really improved our world today. Actually I think that science is one of the most important subjects to know because we use it every day but don’t know it. One example is soap. To make soap, you need to add the fragrance and make it have a cleaning substance. If we didn’t have science we wouldn’t have things that we have now, like computers and airplanes. They were all made because of experimenting.
Science is finding out or proving something right or wrong. And when you discover something, you have the feeling of “alright I did it”. That is a feeling that is so pleasant you want more, like an addiction. Each time I do a science project even if I didn’t mean to think about it, I get so excited because it is fun. In one of my science projects, I learned that people would touch their chin when asked to describe a goatee. This year, I found out that it would take 11800 balloons to lift me into the air. And once it is finished, I get the amazing feeling of learning something new and having fun at the same time.
I hope I can do more things like, see what habitat makes a wet piece of paper molds the fastest or what material cleans windows the best. Science has helped us learn many useful things. My passion for science is huge and I am positive I love it. I don’t know where science will lead me, but because everything in science is fun I want to keep doing it. It is amazing what your own motivation can do.