DevFest West

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Am at Dev Fest West, a two day android/Google technology developer's event. The topics range from using Dart editor to APIs and game programming. This is a Google training to promote Google technologies to developers to integrate Google technologies into their site. Hey, this is a smart thing to do; better then sponsoring a booth at some trade show. DevFestWest is very technical and focused on using Google API and code libraries.

Day one of DevFest has two tracks, with speakers on Android development and integrations technology. Day two is coding. I am here with Nicholas and Regina to allow them some exposure some of the technology being developed and approaches to programming. Hope they absorb anything that will get them interested in exploring programming.

I had a bit of a scramble for DevFest, having to install both Nicholas' and mine laptop the day before the DevFest. Nicholas' SSD was sent out for repair and was returned on Thursday. I went to install the IDE on a laptop, and found that I had installed Windows 8 as a test. I ended up installing the OS and my preferred applications on both laptops in 36 hours.

The conference started great, with some really cool manipulation of Google maps. Saw a session on Dart IDE, which was very useful, especially since we will be using it tomorrow. Wish the Youtube and Google+ sessions had more hands on code I can play with NOW, but the talk was too high level to do any code.